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Dream To Freedom: a Handbook for Integrating Dreamwork and Energy Psychology.
by Robert & Lynne Hoss, Energy Psychology Press (2013)






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Dream Language, Self-Understanding Through Imagery and Color
by Robert Hoss

foreword by David Feinstein, PhD plus contributions from 16 other IASD dream experts (Innersource 2005)

"This unique and remarkable book has it all - from dream psychology and neuroscience, to a user-friendly, practical approach to working with the 'language' of dreams."
~ Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

In its own language, your dreaming mind brings messages from deep inside to help you move more through life with greater harmony and self-understanding. You will learn how to use the "6 Magic Questions" and the "Color Questionnaire" to discover the power of dream Imagery and color to transform your life. Although dreams appear bizarre, you will learn that your dream language not only holds a profound logic, it is also an expression of inner feelings and motivations that affect your waking life.

Available at, most bookstores or from the Publisher Innersource

Chapter author "The Role of Dreams in Psychological Maintenance and Growth"
Dreams and Spirituality: A Handbook for Ministry, Spiritual Direction and Counselling
Author(s): Kate Adams, Bart. J. Koet, Barbara Koning

Chapter Author: "A Content Analysis of Color in Dreams"

Perchance to Dream: The Frontiers of Dream Psychology

Authors: Stanley Krippner; Debbie Joffe Ellis
This book, 'Perchance to Dream: New Frontiers in Dreams and Dreaming', presents valuable research-based information, which encourages us to explore the powerful potential of dreams to contribute to growth, self-actualization, and stability in our waking lives. Recognizing and utilizing the insights and lessons that may be found in our dreams may be one of the most enriching and life-enhancing actions we can take for ourselves.

Chapter author: "Teaching Dreams in Continuing Education Courses"
 in Weaving Dreams Into the Classroom
by Curtiss Hoffman,Jacquie E. Lewis (Editors)

Author 3 chapters: "Color in Dreams"; "Gestalt Dreamwork";

" Jung’s Transcendent Function: Neurological Support"

in Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams; Barret and McNamara (Editors)

Chapter Author: "Dream to Freedom: Integrating EP and Dreamwork"

Clinical EFT Handbook Vol2,  Dawson Church and Stephanie Marohn (editors)

101 Great Ways to Improve your Life

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Live

We are thrilled to be co-authors with Zig Zigglar and 98 other leading experts, in presenting amazing and simple ways to change your life for the better. In this book my wife Lynne and I introduce you to Transforming your Life with Dreams and Improving Your Life with Energy Psychology. This book not only offers 101 of the greatest success secrets but a gift bundle including free coaching sessions, CDs, and books. Check it out.

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El lenguaje de la noche
Chapter author of "La teoría del color en los sueños " in this Spanish translation
written by Stanley Krippner and Rosa Anwandter. Ciencia Límite, 2006



El ponder mágico de los sueños

Chapter contributor on color in this book authored by Rosa Anwandter.
 Ciencia Límite, 2006

Dream Masters