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Listen to a 28 week series on Voice America Hosted by Bob Hoss on dreams and dreamwork with researchers, psychologists and other professionals in the field. Contains 14 shows on the research and science of dreaming.
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Shrink Rap Radio Shrinkrap Radio - Interview with Bob Hoss on Dream Science

Shrink Rap Radio Dreams and Energy Psychology Interview - Dr Michelle Talk Radio
(Fri October 11, 2013)

Shrink Rap Radio Dreams and EFT w Lynne & Bob Hoss - Dr Francis BlogTalk Radio



A Broad Range of Dream Related Courses Offered through IASD at  

Specific Course Presentations by R. Hoss are Listed Below

Shrink Rap Radio  Workshops and Presentations on Dreamwork - Part 2: "Dreamwork Takes Lessons from Neuroscience"

Shrink Rap Radio  Dreamworking influenced by Hartmann’s Insightful Theories - A 2 CE Workshop from the 2014 IASD conference

Shrink Rap Radio  Presentations on Jung and Neuroscience (2013) - Part 4: "Recent Neurological Studies Supportive of Jung’s Theories on Dreaming"




Dream Research Grants


Dream to Freedom: A Handbook for Integrating Dreamwork and Energy PsychologyDream To Freedom: a Handbook for Integrating Dreamwork and Energy Psychology. by Robert & Lynne Hoss, Energy Psychology Press (2013) [available on Amazon]

Details of the book, Language of DreamsDream Language, Self-Understanding Through Imagery and Color
by Robert Hoss
  (Innersource 2005)
NOW ON KINDLE (click here)


101 Great Ways to Improve your Life

101 Ways to Improve your Life
Bob and Lynne Hoss are co-authors with Zig Zigglar and 98 other leading experts.  Transforming your Life with Dreams and Improving Your Life with Energy Psychology.


Chapter Author: "A Content Analysis of Color in Dreams"
Perchance to Dream: The Frontiers of Dream Psychology
Authors: Stanley Krippner; Debbie Joffe Ellis  MORE
Dreams That Change Our Lives IASD Book (Hoss, Gongloff ed.) with 22 IASD author/expers and 100 stories of dreams so impactful that they changed the dreamer's life. Order book here  
More books here

IASD 2018 Arizona

35th Annual IASD Dream Conference
Scottsdale, Arizona
June 16 - 20, 2018


The following are events with DSF involvement. Feel free to write to  about attending any of these events or for sponsoring one of your own. Ask about special arrangements for non-profit and private groups, online courses and remote Internet based lectures for large or small groups.

To Be Announced

Robert J Hoss, MS
 Author of Dream Language and Dream to Freedom, Director and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and Director of the DreamScience Foundation for research grants and advisory board of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare. He is a faculty member of the Haden Institute and former adjunct faculty at such institutions as Sonoma State University and Richland College. Bob has been researching, teaching and lecturing on dreams for over 40 years, was host of the DreamTime Radio series. His work is published in 4 professional Journals and 12 books and has been featured in a PBS special, Readers Digest, Prevention, and USA Today

"Hoss is among a growing group of researchers who, thanks to cutting-edge medical technology and innovative psychological research, are beginning to decipher the secrets hidden in our dreams and the role dreaming plays in our lives."
~ Readers Digest, Feb 2006

For questions about this site or its content, or other questions or resources relating to the Research Grant program or the Science of Dreaming, Bob Hoss can be reached at 

35th Annual IASD Dream Conference
Scottsdale, Arizona June 16-20, 2018

IASD 2018 Arizona

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YouTube Video : Robert J Hoss on IASD and DreamsBob Hoss
Speaks about dream and IASD

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