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We are excited to announce that both series of the "Dream Time Radio"  show, which began airing 18 July 2007, are now available online below.

Dream Time is an IASD/internet radio show with international reach that is co-sponsored by . This new show provides a focus on IASD's support of dream studies and dreamwork, will be on Modavox’s VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness Channel
( ).  It is hosted by IASD Past President and Executive Officer, Bob Hoss.

The show has been designed to be educational as well as entertaining. It is theme based, with guest experts from the IASD organization. The show broadcasted each Wednesday at 9am Pacific (Noon Eastern) on the internet, at the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel.  All past shows are now available below..  

The format will primarily be guest interviews with the opportunity for call-in as well as e-mail receipt of questions prior to the shows. The timing provides a great opportunity to advertise our annual International Conference as well as other IASD events, so we invite your support - please get the word out and contact us during the show to ask your questions to our guests.

The archives are password protected, but available to the interested public.  Follow the instructions below to enter the password protected shows. You can listen to them online live or download.

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DreamTime Radio -  Series TWO  with Bob Hoss, MS 7/18/07 - 10/17/07
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Wednesday, Feb 14
9am PT (noon ET)
What We Know About Dreams
Guest: Jean Campbell, MA, President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams
Topic Title: What We Know About Dreams – Frequently Asked Questions
Description: Did you know that we all dream, many times throughout the night and that many psychologists have shown that those dreams relate in a meaningful way to our daily experiences? Bob Hoss and Jean Campbell will co-host the show and answer many of the frequently asked questions sent in prior to and during the show. This show will dispel some of the myths about dreaming and provide some of the latest understandings about the dreaming experience, including such questions as: what is a dream, why and when do we dream, do dreams have meaning, how can I remember and understand my dreams.

Wednesday, Feb 21
9am PT (noon ET)
The Dreaming Brain
Guest: David Kahn, PhD, Harvard Medical School; Chairman of the International Association for the Study of Dreams
Topic Title: c – what the Research Tells Us
Description: Our brains are not asleep when we dream, a good portion is alert and processing remnants from our daily experiences. Dr. Kahn will discuss what the latest research tells us about what is happening in the brain during dreaming, and the current research being undertaken to help uncover the purposes of dreaming as well as to help understand dream content. You will learn how dreams might be created, why they appear so bizarre to the waking mind, and how to use this knowledge to better understand your own dreams.

Wednesday, Feb 28
9am PT (noon ET)
Dream Imagery
Guest: Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., a leading dream expert, has a doctorate in clinical psychology, is the author of nine books on dreams, and was co-founder and past President of the IASD. Her Creative Dreaming bestseller has been in print since 1974, and The Dream Book (2002), for teens has won two prestigious awards,
Topic Title: What Do Your Dream Images Mean ?
Description: The things you see and experience in your dreams may be reflections of parts of yourself, representations of memories and feelings related to the situation the dream is dealing with. Dr. Garfield and our host Bob Hoss will discuss how dream imagery contains both personal meaning for us as well as ties to a grand collective human consciousness. Patricia will describe the significance of common dream imagery from her book The Universal Dream Key: The 12 Most Common Dream Themes Around the World (2001).

Wednesday, March 7
9am PT (noon ET)
Understanding and Incubating Dreams
Guest: Gayle Delaney PhD, founding president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Co-director of the Delaney & Flowers Dream Center in San Francisco and author of 7 publications including In Your Dreams, All About Dreams and Sexual Dreams.
Topic Title: Understanding and Incubating Dreams
Description: When we dream, we speak to ourselves in the language of pictures and metaphors. Understanding this dreaming language opens the door to creativity and insight that can greatly enhance our lives. Dr. Delaney and our host Bob Hoss will discuss some simple techniques you can use for understanding your nightly dreams. Gayle will describe her method of interpretation called the Dream Interview that you can use on your own or with a friend. The Dream Interview replaces old wives' tales as well as old psychiatrist's interpretive pronouncements with a series of carefully crafted questions that allow you to discover your own private meanings. She will also discuss how we can target dreams for specific problem solving with her method of Dream Incubation.

Wednesday, March 14
9am PT (noon ET)
How Dreams Change from Childhood to Old Age
Guest: ALAN B. SIEGEL, PH.D. Past-President IASD and Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California, Berkeley, Department of Psychology and author of Dream Wisdom: Uncovering Life’s Answers in Your Dreams
Topic Title: A Lifetime of Dreams – dreams and aging
Description: Dr. Siegel will discuss how dreams change as we age, from childhood into adulthood and old age including dream themes and nightmares typical in children’s dreams as well as those of adults and elders dreams. As the matters we are coping with in waking life change, as we age, these are portrayed in our dreams.

Wednesday, March 21
9am PT (noon ET)
Nightmares and Trauma
Guest: Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, Past President of the Association for the Study of Dreams, author of three trade books including Trauma and Dreams, Editor in Chief of the journal Dreaming and President of APA Div. 30, The Society for Psychological Hypnosis.
Topic Title: Nightmares and Trauma
Description: Can nightmares be part of a healing process? Dr. Barrett will discuss the significance of nightmares as well as how dreams are effected by, and help us deal with, Trauma. When a person has experienced a deep trauma, a pattern evolves in which the trauma is dreamed repeatedly, much as it happened, and becomes more “dreamlike” and surreal over time. These begin to change into “mastery” dreams for people who recover from the trauma. The repetitive, unchanging replays may continue, however, in those who develop severe posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their waking life. She will dicuss how coaching to develop “mastery” dreams can aid in the resolution of PTSD.

Wednesday, March 28
9am PT (noon ET)
Lucid Dreaming
Guests: Robert Waggoner, and Ed Kellogg, Ph.D.
Topic title: Lucid Dreaming: Becoming Consciously Aware in the Dream State
Description: Our guests will discuss the experience of lucid dreaming, or consciously becoming aware in the dream state. Once lucid or conscious, the dreamer can then direct their focus within the dream, interact with the dream environment, talk to dream figures, explore and experiment. The guests will discuss simple techniques to become consciously aware in the dream state, the scientific proof for lucid dreaming and how listeners can use lucid dreaming for personal growth and self discovery.

Wednesday, April 4
9am PT (noon ET)
Spiritual and Cosmic Dream Connections
Guests: Robert Van de Castle, PhD & Rita Dwyer. Robert Van de Castle, is Professor Emeritus of the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center where he was the Director of the Sleep and Dream Center. He is a former president of IASD, co-author with Calvin Hall of The Content Analysis of Dreams, the author of Our Dreaming Mind (1994). Rita Dwyer is a former aerospace chemist, Past President and Executive Officer of IASD, a certified pastoral counselor and founder/facilitator of the Metro DC Dream Community.
Topic Title: Spiritual and Cosmic Dream Connections
Description: While dreams can positively influence our personal lives though a natural self-healing process, and bring us helpful and sometimes life-saving information, they also have spiritual and cosmic connections at times which influence the course of global life at the collective level. Dr. Van de Castle and Rita Dwyer will discuss the experience of spiritually-oriented and cosmic dreams, and how such dreams follow a dreamer's cyclic transformation journey through the continuum of existence, from discovery of self as a physical and spiritual individual, to an appreciation for collective consciousness and the discovery of each dreamer's part in the cosmic whole.

Wednesday, April 11
9am PT (noon ET)
Extraordinary and Psychic Dreams
Guest: Stanley Krippner, PhD, is professor of psychology at Saybrook Graduate School, a former IASD president, one of the original pioneers in the scientific research of psychic dreams at Maimonides Medical Center, co-author of the classic Dream Telepathy, and more recently Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them. In 2002 he received the American Psychological Association’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology, and in 2003 the Ashley Montagu Peace Award.
Topic Title: Extraordinary and Psychic Dreams
Description: An extraordinary dream might include experiencing a shared dream with another; a telepathic or clairvoyant dream which reveals the thoughts of another or seems to reveal events happening at a distance; precognitive dreams which seem to reveal a future event, or unique experiences such as finding yourself out of body. Dr Krippner will provide a wealth of knowledge based on research into such paranormal and extraordinary dreams. He will discuss the reality and nature of these dreams and how working with extraordinary dreams can enhance your life.

Wednesday, April 18
9am PT (noon ET)
Dreams and Physical or Mental Healing
Guests: Wendy Pannier & Rita Dwyer. Wendy is the former President and Chair of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the co-founder of the IASD Healing Power of Dreams Cancer Project. She has conducted workshops and dream groups with cancer patients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for over 11 years and has administered four grants to IASD for the project. Rita Dwyer is a former aerospace chemist, Past President and Executive Officer of IASD, a certified pastoral counselor and founder/facilitator of the Metro DC Dream Community.
Topic Title: Dreams and Healing
Description: Dreams are part of a completely natural mental self-healing process taking place within our sleeping brain each night. However, they often reflect physical problems before the symptoms become physically apparent. Furthermore working with dreams can help us deal with the physical recovery process or the mental and spiritual healing that often becomes a necessary part of that process. Wendy and Rita will discuss the spectrum of dreams and the healing process, from physical healing situations, such as with cancer patients, to mental and spiritual healing.

Wednesday, April 25
9am PT (noon ET)
Techniques for Working with Your Own Dreams
Guest: our Host Bob Hoss MS, former President and Chair of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.
Topic Title: Working with Your Own Dreams
Description: The unique state of the dreaming brain creates a language of metaphor and association, personal associations that express a whole world of emotions and memories descriptive of the situation your dream is dealing with. Dream imagery evolves from personal associations, and therefore the meaning must come from within the dreamer, it cannot be determined from a book or dream “expert”. Dreams can be understood if we deconstruct the words and imagery in the dream narrative using the dreamer’s own personal associations. A even more direct way to understand a dream’s meaning is to let the dream imagery “speak”. Bob Hoss will offer simple techniques for working with association, metaphor as well as demonstrate a simple Gestalt based approach, lovingly called “the 6 magic questions,” for revealing the personal meaning and emotions contained within a dream image and comparing it to your waking life situation and feelings.

Wednesday, May 2
9am PT (noon ET)
Techniques for Working in Dream Groups
Guest: Rev. Dr. Jeremy Taylor is one of the original founders and past Presidents of IASD. He is the author of three books on dreams and dream work, founder of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, and teaches at several institutes around the world.
Topic Title: Working in Dream Groups
Description: Sharing or working with dreams in a group, particularly in non-therapeutic settings, can require a very different approach than individual or personal dreamwork. Leading a dream group requires a special discipline in order to maintain a safe and ethical environment which recognizes the dreamer as the decision maker regarding the significance of the dream. Imposing one’s own interpretation on another’s dream can be harmful. Jeremy Taylor will discuss an approach to Projective Dream Work which is delightfully helpful not only to the dreamer but to the group as a whole and which uses disciplines that avoids the harmful effects of assigning authority over, or knowledge of the dreams meanings to someone who is not the dreamer.

Show #13, 9 May 9AM
Intuition and Dreamwork
Dr Marcia Emery

Dr Emery will discuss the intuitive mind's two significant roles in dream work. The first role which is premonitory or precognitive is embodied in Edgar Cayce's statement, "Nothing of significance happens unless it is first previewed in a dream." The second role is to use intuition to unravel the mysteries embedded in your dream images. You can discover how to use intuition to retrieve, respect and listen to the insights embedded in your dreams.


Show # 14 Wednesday, 16 May 9AM
Dreaming a Bridge between Science and Religion

Dr Kelly Bulkeley will be discussing how dreaming might be a bridge between Science and Religion.  If the study of dreams is to realize its fullest potential, it will have to find creative ways to integrate the ancient wisdom of the world's religions (all of which venerate dreaming as a valuable means of human-divine interaction) with the latest findings of modern science (which has shown the roots of dreaming in the healthy functioning of the mammalian brain-mind  system).   This is the goal of Dr. Bulkeley's work.  As part of the discussion he will touch on some specific issues in Islamic dream theory and its relationship with Christian dream teachings, pointing to the potential for greater mutual understanding and respect between these two traditions."

Kelly Bulkeley, PhD, is a Visiting Scholar at the Graduate Theological Union and teaches in JFKU's Dream Studies Program in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a Past President of IASD, and is author of The Wilderness of Dreams and The Wondering Brain, co-author of Dreaming Beyond Death, and editor of Dreams: A Reader and Soul, Psyche, Brain.




Segment Schedule 



#1 18-July Dreaming as a Unique State of Consciousness  - 
David Kahn, PhD
We are actually conscious when we sleep, but the kind of consciousness we experience when we sleep is very different from the waking state. The differences are caused by changes in our brains and bodies. Dr. David Kahn, of the Harvard Medical School, will discuss the major changes that occur in our brains when we fall asleep and begin to dream that lead to dreaming consciousness. He will also highlight recent research and will discuss some of the ideas that researchers have suggested for why we dream.

Dr. David Kahn is President of the Association for the Study of Dreams. Dr Kahn received his Ph.D. in Physics from Yale University and is currently on the faculty of Harvard Medical School in the department odreamtimeradio1/03-Gayle_Delaney_%20DreamTimeRadio_ONE-07FEB28.mp328.mp3stand normal states of the brain while dreaming. He is a chapter author in the book Soul, Psyche, Brain: New directions in the study of religion and brain-mind science published by Palgrave MacMillan in 2005; and a chapter author in The New Science of Dreaming, soon to be out this fall.

Deirdre Barrett, PhD
In this show, Harvard psychologist Dr. Deirdre Barrett, will discuss the research on dreams and objective problem solving. She and other researchers had tested every type of problem from brainteasers to college homework to creativity in the arts and found that dreams can reach a solution when the waking mind is stuck. She'll describe how some of the world's most creative artists and scientists have used dreams to inform their work. Drawing lessons from famous examples and the controlled research, she will offer listeners techniques you can apply to stimulate your own problem solving dreams.

Dr Deirdre Barrett is a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. She is a Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and Editor in Chief of the journal Dreaming. She is also President of American Psychological Association’s Div. 30, The Society for Psychological Hypnosis. Deirdre authored three trade books including The Committee of Sleep (Random House, 2001) and was editor of Trauma and Dreams (Harvard University Press, 1996). Dr. Barrett's commentary on dreams has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, Fox, The Discovery Channel, and Voice of America.

#3 1-Aug Bob Van de Castle, PhD – What the Content of Our Dreams Can Tells Us
Dr Robert Van de Castle, who co-developed he Hall/Van de Castle scales for the content analysis of dreams, will discuss how the systematic study of dream content can reveal much about the nature of dreams as well as about us the dreamer. His work with Calvin Hall provided us with a solid approach for quantitatively investigating dreams – increasing our knowledge of dreams from that of observation and conjecture to quantifiable data.
Dr. Robert Van de Castle is Professor Emeritus of the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center. He was the Director of the Sleep and Dream Center at that Institution for 10 years. He is a former president of ASD (1985-6), co-author with Calvin Hall of The Content Analysis of Dreams (1966), the author of Our Dreaming Mind (1994), and Consulting Editor of the SUNY Press Series on Dreams.

#4 8-Aug Justina Lasley, MA - Exploring the Development of Self Perception through Dreamwork
Working with dreams in a group creates a unique dynamic, often helping to facilitate the process beyond that of individual dream work or therapist/client work. Justina Lasley will discuss her investigations into the individual experiences of being part of a dream group and regularly working on personal dreams, and what she found as to what ways the participant's dream group work facilitates individual changes in the perception of Self. The research with the group members also focused on how the group facilitates the process beyond that of individual dream work or therapist/client work.

Justina Lasley is the founder of the Institute for Dream Studies and is the director of the DreamsWork™ Certification Program in Charleston, SC. She is the author of Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dream Group Leaders and In My Dream, a creative dream journal. Justina's special interest is in using dreams as a spiritual source for personal growth through an exploration of emotions and energy. She has led groups, presented lectures and workshops for dream group leaders throughout the U.S. and abroad for over sixteen years.

#5 15-Aug Teresa DeCicco PhD and David King – Sex Dreams, who is having more fun?
Recent findings are presented on the nature of dreams with sexual content and their relationship with waking day sexual behaviours/attitudes. Typical characteristics of sex dreams are also reported. Results suggest that sex dreams contain more meaning about waking life relationships than they do about sex life or sexual fantasies.

Dr. Teresa L. DeCicco is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She specializing in teaching, research and practice in the areas of personality, self-psychology, abnormal psychology, health and dreams and dreaming. Dream research and applied interests include personality, health and dream therapies.

David B. King, B.Sc., is a student at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. He recently completed his undergraduate degree in psychology and is now pursuing his Master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. Teresa L. DeCicco. His current research interests include dreams, spirituality, intelligence, sexuality, and health.

#6 22-Aug Kenneth D Howell – Evolution of the Dreaming Brain

The human brain is a product of millions of years of evolution. Our ability to dream is a product of the complex and distinctive neurological attributes our primordial ancestors evolved to meet the demands of their survival. Kenneth Howell will discuss some of the theories encompassing the remarkable path our dreaming brain traveled to produce this extraordinary experience. He will offer a perspective of dreaming that could profoundly influence the ideas we have formed about the nature, advantage, and benefit of this surreal, often spiritual experience.

Kenneth Howell is author of The Dream Document and most recently the Neuropsychology of the Dreaming Brain. He has recently retired from the medical profession where he was CFO of a medical facility and primary care medical group. He have been a moderator of dream discussion on the web since 1996 at Dream Central (

#7 29-Aug Researching Psi and Dreams -Stanley Krippner PhD

#8 5-Sept Does dreaming have a function – Mark Blagrove Phd

#9 12-Sept - Dreams before and after 911

Ernest Hartmann, MD
The events of 9/11/01 allowed for a careful systematic study of dreams before and after an event that was traumatic or at least stressful for all of us. Forty-four persons, who have been recording all their dreams for years, each supplied twenty dreams from their journals -- the last ten recorded before 9/11/01 and the first ten after. All 880 dreams were scored on a blind basis. Dr Hartmann will discuss the effects of trauma on dreams in general, and the results of this study, including the more powerful imagery in the dreams after 9/11.

Ernest Hartmann, MD is Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine. Dr Hartmann is one of the pioneers of dream research. He performed some of the original research on the sleep patterns in humans and discovered the REM-NREM cycle as one of the basic mammalian biological cycles. He is the author of over 325 articles, and nine books on sleep and dreams, including the classic in 1967 The Biology of Dreaming and most recently Dreams and Nightmares. He is a Past President of IASD and was the first Editor-in-Chief of Dreaming.

#10 19-Sept - Dreams in relationship to Coincidence and Imagination
Robert Moss

Description pending

Robert Moss is a former professor of ancient history and bestselling novelist. His fascination with the dreamworlds springs from his early childhood in Australia, where he survived a series of near-death experiences. He teaches Active Dreaming all over the world and is the founder of a contemporary Dream School that offers a three-year training for teachers of Active Dreaming. His many publications and novels including Conscious Dreaming, Dreamgates, Dreaming True, and the soon to be released The Three Only Things.

#11 26-Sept - The Effect of Media on Dreams
Jayne Gackenbach PhD and Sanford Rosenberg PhD
Doctors Gackenbach and Rosenberg will be discussing the effects that our “Modern Media” has on Dreams in particular such activities as video game playing. They will address questions of how media affect dreams both in terms of content and structure as well as how dreams are represented in media.

Jayne Gackenbach, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at Grant MacEwan College, Canada. A past President of IASD, she is an active researcher and author of three books on the psychology of the Internet. Her current research interest is in consciousness and video game play.
Sanford Rosenberg, PhD, is President of Media Research Associates with twenty-five years of experience in Media Psychology. He is an educator, lecturer, clinician, and consultant on media projects including movies, games, and the web. He specializes in qualitative knowledge-based research, examining the relationship between language, story, structure, symbol, image, emotion, and experience.



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